Switching To A Smarter World

YOU drive your machine, YOU drive the choices of who and what goes in it and YOU drive their well-being!

Drive the Vyom Car Air Purifier right into your car for your loved ones!

You keep a check on their safety along with Vyom Car Air Purifier keeps a check on the air you all breathe!

Keep them safe from unwanted gases, particulate matter, pollution and germs and enhance their smile and health!

Vyom car air purifier-for pure air, because you care!

Product Description :

A HEPA filter and ioniser

Provided with a USB charger

Removes particulate matter (PM2.5)

Removes formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia

Protection from second hand smoke, harmful germs and microbes

Decreases the odour inside

Material-Eco friendly, non-toxic body


Vyom Innovation